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About Pilates

Pilates based exercise requires both physicial and mental conditioning.  Over 90 years ago, Joseph Pilates knew that the mind and body must work together.  The Pilates method is a unique excercise system unlike most other regiment's.

The real genius is in using the various spring resistance apparatus.  When working out on this equipment every excercise stretchs and strenghthens you like nothing else.  Spring resistance training is weight bearing excersice that does not bulk you up.  Instead it sculpts, tones and elongates, strengthening the muscle from the inside out.  Pilates is the original core strengthening system, and every excersise targets all the various abdominal muscles.  There is no better way to safely and effeciently strengthen your core.


Pilates is a full body excercise that helps you develop:  
- Increased body awareness
- Correct Alignment, Breathing and Posture
- Abdominal Conditioning
- Control
- Balance
- Flexibility
- Coordination
- Strength